I love the New Year, its a time to look back on the year just gone and to optimistically look forward for the new year ahead.    2018 brought for me many challenges I gave up the day job and somehow inexplicably ended up with the opportunity to move to new premises at Simon Anderson Photography.      The studio is perfect in terms of the room I now have, and I love being in the centre of Penrith, with the changing seasons reflected in the gardens around St Andrews Church.    As I write this the sunlight is bouncing off the red brick walls with the church beautifully framed against the blue skies of a cold but sunny winters day.

The signage is being changed on the building as we speak by Penrith Posters who are doing an amazing job to reflect what we have on offer and in the next couple of weeks the pictures that adorn the windows facing on to Market street will change too.  Our new website is nearing completion and by the time I post this blog will be ready.  You will be able to find samples of all our work and see what we have coming in February (I know some of you already know and are excited for the return of Super Hero shoots).   As part of the changes we now have our main studio, a baby room, a fairy room, the new superhero room and the boudoir room.   Plus a new computer set up to ensure that you can see all your documents and payment plans at the touch of a button to help you keep track of orders and correspondence.  More importantly to help stay super organised.

Last but not least we have introduced some new products in terms of wall art, memory boxes and phonebooks which you can see when you visit or come in for a viewing.    I hope we all have a fantastic New Year but here are a few of my favourite pictures from 2019 ….